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Non-surgical Treatments for the Face and Body

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Non-surgical treatments for face and body to remove hair, lose fat, tighten skin, smooth lines and wrinkles to get younger firmer appearance.

Laser Hair Removal 

We use the latest and most advanced painless  Laser Hair Removal Treatment  for all skin types. Laser hair removal for the face and body provides long term hair removal in as little as 10 minutes. Small areas can be quicker to treat including the upper lip and centre brow. We use larger applicators for large areas such as the back legs. Common body and face hair removal treatments include; legs, armpits, upper lip, chin and the bikini area.

Photo of smooth legs - Laser Hair Removal Swindon

Lose Stubborn Fat without surgery

HD Multi-tech 360°

Using the latest and advanced HD multi-tech 360° non-invasive aesthetic technology, for the face and body.


  • HIFU High Intensity Focused UltraSound – Resulting in muscle tightening in the skin tissue and increased production in collagen in the face and feminine area.
  • FemiWand -Vaginal Tightening

HD Shockwave Therapy

  • HD Shockwave Therapy is an effective follow-up treatment for Cryolipolysis in aiding lymphatic drainage.


  • Cryotherapy is an FDA approved treatment for the removal of skin tags, warts, age spots, solar lentigos, cherry angiomas, viral verrucae and milia.


  • ThermaVein is a safe, effective, and fast way of treating, unsightly spider veins, known medically as telangiectasia.

The latest fat loss and skin tightening technology

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