360° Cryolipolysis Chin Freeze

360° Chin Freeze reduces fatty deposits around the chin

How does 360° Chin Freeze Work?

The principle of this treatment is exactly the same as the 360° Cyroplipolysis treatment used on the body. Fat cells are frozen and destroyed, which then naturally leave the body in the following weeks. This treatment is very popular as fatty deposits in the chin are incredibly hard to get rid of through diet and exercise.

The 360° Chin Freeze Applicator has a curved shape that is designed to perfectly fit the chin. It allows the treatment to target more fat cells, and produce an even reduction of fat across the area.

Why choose 360° Fat Freeze?

The 360° Fat Freeze applicator is carefully designed for the target area of the chin.

Cryptolipolysis is a safe, effective non-invasive procedure with no downtime afterwards.


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