HD Cellulite Smoother

Radio Frequency Technology and Ultrasound Cavitation to produce smoother and firmer looking skin

How can Cellulite be Reduced?

Cellulite is where the skin appears lumpy, typically noticeable in places suc as the buttocks and the legs. It is caused by fat cells being positioned close to the surface of the skin.  Many people wish to get rid of cellulite as they think it is unsightly, though it is perfectly natural and very common. Cellulite can also affect your general health as a greater amount of fat cells can decrease circulation in that area.

Generally, cellulite is caused through natural means and cannot be prevented. However there are factors that can influence the development of cellulite. These are smoking, lack of exercise, sitting down too much, a fatty diet and hormones.

Cellulite is typically defined in three categories.

  • Grade 1 is cellulite that can only be detected when examined under a microscope.
  • Grade 2 is defined as skin that has a pale appearance, lower temperature and decreased elasticity. It may be noticeable
  • Grade 3 is described as cellulite that can be visibly seen, causing unevenness of the skin.

What do I need to know about Cellulite Smoothing Treatment?

Cellulite reduction treatment typically lasts for up to 45 minutes. Results last from 6-12 months.

HD Cellulite Smoother Treatment

Cellulite reduction treatment uses Radio Frequency Technology and Ultrasound Cavitation. Radio Frequency mobilises the fatty tissue and loosens the connective tissues, resulting in smoother and firmer looking skin and Ultrasound Cavitation helps to break down fat cells. Cellulite reduction can help with health too as it improves the circulation and rates of oxygen exchange in the area.

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