“Laser treatment for hair removal was totally pain free!  With the new Motus AY technology there was absolutely no pain or redness afterwards”.  Paula D, Swindon


A client shares her thoughts and experiences of how painless Laser Hair Removal treatment was at Shape U Clinic with Motus AY

I had read about it from other people who had posted on Google but I did not experience the same thing. Probably because the machine Monique uses is the latest technology and this brand new machine is designed to remove hair more effectively without pain or burning. There was a cold gel that Monique applied to my underarm and then the laser moved about my underarm area for a minute or so until it beeped and she moved on to the next area. It was really quick and I can honestly say I felt no pain and no burning. I had read on Google there could be a burning sensation and redness afterwards and some people said it was like having sunburn for a few days after and I can only guess that with older machines and the older technology, this was the case. 

As the armpit laser experience was so comfortable and quick that I decided to have my bikini line done too. I did wonder if this more sensitive area would yield any pain, but no! There were a few tickly bits but again no pain! There was no embarrassment either as Monique being a nurse for over 20 years made me feel very safe and my modesty was preserved with her procedures and methods.

I know that the laser treatment needs to be repeated every 4-6 weeks to find any hairs that were at a different growth stage and laser them. Doing it this time of year means I do not need to avoid sun on my skin as there is not a lot of sunshine at the moment!

What were the results after the first Laser Hair Treatment? 

After leaving the ShapeU clinic, I went straight back to work without having to take anytime out. I did not think it had worked, especially as I have quite fair hair and I saw the hair growing back, but then it dropped out. Monique had told me that it would take a couple of weeks for the hair to drop out as it has to grow out, which it did after about 3 weeks. I have much smoother skin and can see on my armpits I only had about 10% of hairs grow back and on my bikini line about 30% regrowth, I guess because it is thicker there.

I have now had just completed my second treatment which again was like the first, no pain, no redness, no burning! I cannot believe that I have waited so long in life to have this done, however the technology now is better and the prices too. I feel the cost is reasonable and is comparable to what many would pay for a set of nails and lashes over 4 weeks.

What preparation was needed before the session?

Before the first session I had a consultation with Monique. She asked me about my medical history to make sure I was suitable for treatment. She also looked at my skin colour and hair colour as this determines the setttings that will be needed for each person. Then the night before the first hair removal session I had to remove the hair (shaving) so that the laser can target the root of the hair follicle in the skin.


Photo of right armpit 4 weeks after 1 treatment laser hair removal with Motus AY - Lynton Machine

I am very impressed as  I think that this is only about 10% regrowth so really good results for only 1 session. By early next year I feel confident that the hairs will be permanently removed ready for short skirts and bare legs!

Photo of underarm showing the amount of hair after 1 laser hair removal session

These underarm photos show the amount of regrowth 4 weeks after only 1 session of laser hair removal with Motus AY – Lynton Machine. These photos show the  few hairs that grew back. This is why we need to keep returning for more sessions to catch the hairs at different stages of growth until they are all gone.

How does Laser compare to other hair removal treatments I have tried?

Electrolysis for permanent hair removal

Years ago I tried electrolysis hair removal where they poke a very fine needle up the pore of the skin and then apply an electric current. It made me cry and looking back it seems really brutal. One session only removed a few hairs and it was incredibly painful; so much so that I could not go back after the first treatment.


I used to regularly visit a beautician for waxing and would have my bikini-line and legs done. Again this was very painful, especially when I had a Brazilian and so I would often take paracetamol before going. I would have to mentally prepare for my visits! My skin was red raw for a good 6 or more hours afterwards and I now see that I have stretch marks where the wax pulled at my sensitive bits of skin and damaged it. Cost wise, it wasn’t that cheap and my skin was only hair free for about 10 days until the hair grew again.


I bought an Epilator about 3 years ago and it took a lot of getting used to. Usually a glass of wine and an hour or two would be needed to remove the hairs from my legs and arm pits with this little machine. It has spinning rollers that pluck the hairs out a few at a time. It is a really slow process so prolongs the pain. The area you are working on numbs from the pain after a short while until you move to the next part. The backs of the knees and armpits made me wince. The hair did not grow back as thickly but it started to grow straight away so if you have a lot of fine densely populated hair like me you only get a couple of days of hair free legs, plus I get a lot of in-growing hairs. The first few times I used it I had not appreciated how long it took for my skin to calm down and I had to go to an evening event in a short dress with legs like a plucked chicken! The plucked chicken look lasted a good 24 hours and soon after the hairs started to regrow!  Not the best method for someone as hairy as me.

Thermicon No! No!

No! No! is a handheld device which I would describe as something that burns the hairs away across a wire that slides across your skin. I am not really sure what the technology is but felt like a current running throught the wires which when they hit a hair it burns it off. The Thermicon technology claims to inhibit future growth, but I’m not sure how. I borrowed it from a friend. As it is quite expensive I wanted to try if first. She thought it was great, but I did not get on well with it. When I used it, it made an awful stink of burning hair which meant there was no way I could do this without everyone in the house knowing about it.  I felt scared using it and like many others found it difficult to get on so was not encouraged to buy my own. There are many review saying “Don’t waste your money” . No No Reviews on Boots website.  So it got a No! No! from me and got given back.

Razor Shaving

Shaving is the quick solution for hair removal but the regrowth is much thicker and stubblier. I find ladies razors are often not fit for the job (it may be my dense hair) and I often had to steal my husbands razors. Again regrowth is immediate and my legs feels stubbly within 12 hours. I have found that my legs don’t like the razor as I have ended up with what I believe is called “Strawberry Legs“.  I have read that this can happen when the razor isn’t very sharp and leaves behind some residue (possibly dead skin and the skin’s natural oils, bits of hair follicle or soap) and this blocks the pores and makes them darker so your skin looks a bit spotty. I am hoping the laser will help improve this as I have had it for many years and am hopeful as I have read that lasering can help, but the proof is in the eating of the pudding, or in my case it will be at the end of the laser treatments. 

Hair Removal Creams

Creams like Veet, Nair and Nads  are a good way to remove thick hair quickly but you do need to stick to the instructions and be careful that it only goes where it is supposed to! Some creams can be a bit smelly but are not too bad these days but dont leave the cream on too long , it can burn! It leaves legs instantly smooth and last a few hours longer than shaved legs as the cream gets right to the base of the hair follicle. Oh and make sure you don’t leave the tube next to the toothpaste

Hair Remover Mitts

Mitts like Alida are a like very fine sandpaper that you rub across your skin until the hair falls out, with lots of dead skin. It can take a long time to do and it not that easy as you can leave yourself with skin that you have rubbed raw. If you dont have dense hair, this may be worth a try, but the hair will grow back.


What are the benefits of long term hair removal?

  • No shaving, waxing, plucking..
  • No stubbly re-growth
  • No bumps and lumps from ingrowing hairs
  • No dark shadows  
  • No time spent visiting beauticians or time on DIY hair removal

So what does it cost?

That depends on the size of the area that is being treated. An eyebrow gap will be a few minutes compared to full legs. But the cost over the years can save much money and time. We are currently offering a 2 for 1 deal in November, so why not book your first 2 sessions now and save money.  Please contact us and let us know the areas to be treated and know that you will get a highly competitive quote.

Booking your Appointment

We are happy to offer evening and weekend appointments for pre-booked sessions. Please email or call to request your appointment session.

Book by Phone or Text:  Call Monique on 07825414140

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