Wedding Show

Shape U a wonderful day at the wedding show at Alexandra House and met many lovely people. Thanks to my models and everyone who stopped by.


Shape U Clinic gave a demonstration of some of the technologies we use at our Swindon clinic including  ThermaVein Thread Vein removal. This can be used to remove Thread veins on the face and body, and Tri-Polar Facial Tightening which uses Radio Frequency to tighten skin.

ThermaVein Thread Vein Removal

This photo shows the before and after shots of a lady who had this treatment on the day. Having suffered with these two unsightly veins on her chin she was delighted to seem them instantly removed. She said that there was no pain, and having had a tattoo, that there was no comparison!

 Read more about Thread Vein / Spider Vein Removal 

Tri-Polar Facial Tightening

This photo  shows Shape U  demonstrating the use of Tri-Polar Facial Tightening   which uses Radio Frequency technology. The treatment aims to reduce the signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles on the face by encouraging the growth of collagen. This is a safe, effective treatment and there is no downtime after the procedure. Read more about  Tri-Polar Facial Tightening.

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