Tri Polar Facial Tightening

Tri-Polar Radio Frequency technology for skin tightening 

How does Tri-Polar Facial Tightening Work?

Radio Frequency technology is ideal for tightening the skin. An electric current is delivered to the target area, and the skin recognises this as a source of energy that it can use. The skin acts as a resistor and heats up. This stimulates fibroblast action and encourages the growth of collagen, causing it to contract and repair. As the collagen fibres get stronger and regrow, the skin gets tighter. This effectively  reduces the signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles on the face.

Why choose Tri-Polar Facial Tightening?

This is a safe, effective treatment and there is no downtime after the procedure.

Some clients may see beneficial results after one session, however a course of treatments is recommended for best results.

Why wait? Get the Shape U want now!

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