Instant Results for Facial Thread Veins

You really can walk out with instant improvements after a short treatment

“Really pleased with results after visiting Monique for just 30 minutes! Instantly removed some unsightly facial threadveins easily. Cannot thank her enough and have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

N.H,  Swindon, ThermaVein Treatment Oct 2021

Treament with ThermaVein®

ThermaVein®  uses a treatment method called Thermocoagulation; this seals the thread vein walls, causing them to instantly and permanently disappear. It is a safe, effective and quick treatment for spider veins,


Telangiectasia is the medical name for spider veins whcih are also known as thread veins and appear as a small red or dark blue vein close to the suface of the skin. This red vein is a broken capillary vein which can appear for many reasons.

What causes Thread Veins?

When your Gran used to tell you not to blow your nose too hard, she knew what could happen! It really isn’t an old wife’s tale, blowing your nose too hard can damage the tiny capillaries around your nose and create little red lines known as Thread Veins or Spider Veins. Thread veins can also be attributed to other factors including hormones, genetics, age, pregnancy, sun exposure, weather changes and alcohol consumption.

What treatments are available for broken veins?

We use an insulated probe which when applied to the skin causes the vein to empty. ThermaVein® then seals the vein by gently heating the proteins in the vein wall causing a seal. The body then naturally reabsorbs the vein making this an instant and effective treatment with no down time. ThermaVein® is known the world over for the treatment of cosmetic veins and is used in many of the world’s leading clinics.

Other Testimonials:

“Blown away by the incredible transformation on a thread vein on my face. Very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be going back for more! Thank you so much!”
Julie P, 

“Had Therma Vein treatment today on my leg and face, the results were amazing, although it was slightly uncomfortable in places Monique makes you feel very relaxed.
Would definitely recommend this.”
Jane R

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ThermaVein used on face to treat thread vein
Thermavein Threadvein treatment on the face - Photo shows veins removed from the chin
Before and after photo of thread vein treatment on man's cheeks

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